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Babies who get too hot are at an increased risk of SIDS. Using the right clothing for bedtime can help you create a safer sleeping environment for your baby – The Lullaby Trust

The Gro-suit has been specially designed to be used with a Grobag Baby Sleep Bag in colder temperatures. The quilted sleeves will keep your baby’s arms warm, with no need for additional bedding or layers.

Our baby sleepsuit, the Gro-suit, with its warm, quilted sleeves, is designed to be worn underneath a Grobag when the temperature dips below 16 degrees celsius. All are made from 100% soft jersey cotton and easy to use poppers.

The sleepsuit has padded arms so, when combined with a Grobag, it is essentially a baby sleep bag with sleeves. Grobags, however, are purposely not made with sleeves in order to comply with British Standards. Without sleeves Grobags aid heat loss and air circulation so baby doesn’t overheat. The padded sleepsuit, with a single fabric layer everywhere except the arms, can then be used with the Grobag when needed.


  • Gro-suits are intended for use in cold weather in room temperatures of 18°C (65°F) or below and are most suited for use with a 2.5 tog or 3.5 tog Grobag

  • Quilted sleeves for cosy arms

  • Single layer on areas that are underneath the Grobag to prevent overheating

  • Poppers for easy changes

  • Comfortable stretchy collar

  • 100% super-soft jersey cotton

  • Can be used with any baby sleep bag without arms

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