Father Holding Newborn Baby Son In Nursery Falling Asleep 22/03/19

How can dad become a part of your new baby’s sleep routine?

Makers of natural fibre baby mattresses and accessories, Naturalmat Baby are passionate about babies’ safe, sound sleep. Naturalmat’s resident sleep expert Christabel Majendie has put together a couple of quick tips for new fathers and how they can effectively pitch in at bedtime.

First time dads can sometimes feel a little lost in their new role during the early stages of their child’s life – no more so than when it comes to the sleep routine.

By integrating dad into the routine, the pressure on mum at this difficult time can be relieved, whilst strengthening dad’s bond with their new son or daughter.

Planning alternating night shifts for bottle fed babies is a great way for parents to work together, allowing valuable periods of much needed uninterrupted sleep. There is no shame in sleeping in separate rooms during this time if possible – better this than having both parents completely broken by lack of sleep.

At 6 months most babies start to develop the ability to sleep through the night, no longer requiring a night time feed, which is an excellent time to start setting a consistent bedtime routine.

This routine can involve a bath, soothing singing and rocking, before putting the baby down as they grow sleepy. Another perfect opportunity for the connection between dad and baby to be reinforced.

It is important that this routine is consistent between both parents so baby recognises that this process means bedtime.

Naturalmat Baby make each of their baby mattresses by hand in their Devon workshop, find out more at Naturalmat.co.uk/baby

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